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Interview of Roman Shishkin for Telesport

Interview of Roman Shishkin for Telesport

MSM Sports Director Roman Shishkin in an interview with spoke about his retirement, participation in the Football Media League, and also shared his plans for the future.

In particular, Roman spoke about his role in our team

"MSM is a company that provides comprehensive services to sports clubs in marketing, PR and scouting. I’m looking for myself in this direction and responsible for the work of the sports department. Together with the creative team that previously worked in launching international projects, we are trying to do something new for Russian sports.

Our tasks include building up the marketing work of clubs, working with fans. Often my experience as a professional athlete is very useful, since I played in clubs with a well-built structure, in the Russian national team.

We have a big block of work with athletes. I remember from my own experience how hard it is to move from children's football to adult football, to find your coach and club. Invest not only in entertainment, but also in your personal brand, your own development.

Our goal is to help young footballers in every aspect. Together with the analytical department, we try to review each game, form individual recommendations, and create the basis for reaching a new level.".

The interview itself (in Russian) can be found on the Telesport website.