Roman Shishkin: "We will succeed!"

Roman Shishkin: "We will succeed!"

Roman Shishkin, Captain of Phoenix Figital team and Sports Director of MSM, on the eve of the final match for victory in the Figital Games in Kazan gave an exclusive interview to the team of the Games of the Future.

"Roman, how did you agree to such an adventure - to take part in a new Figital football tournament?

— With the support of our creative agency MSM, the opportunity arose to create a team. We have assembled two e-sportsmen and a football team. There was a difficult selection, because the team may consist only of seven people. Everything went well, I was in touch with the guys 24/7, I regulated the schedule. And so, we came to Kazan for the Games.

How quickly did you manage to put together a squad?

- We managed to assemble a squad in about a month. Equipment, organizational and financial issues were handled by the guys from MSM. We were in touch and acted as a team."

The interview itself (in Russian) can be found on the Games of the Future website.